Email Marketing

Stay top of mind and get more referrals with an effective email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools available today. It allows you to connect directly with your target audience at an affordable cost. Your subscribers can view your marketing material anywhere they choose… Whether they are on the go viewing emails on their smartphone, or at the office or home on a desktop computer, your message will reach your subscribers, wherever they are!

Promotions, Announcements & Follow Up with Customers

Use email marketing to deliver your current promotions, events and announcements to your customers and prospects. Our Internet Marketing team will design your email marketing template. From templates that follow your branding to specialized templates tailored to the season or special occasions, our team will work with you to coordinate your email marketing campaign, gather and edit all of the necessary artwork, and put it together to create a beautiful, well-received email message.

Effective email marketing is not simple anymore. Today, it is very easy for your email messages to be marked as SPAM, which can impact the effectiveness of your email campaign. The key is to deliver a professionally designed message, with clean and clear messages, call to actions and appropriate imagery, at a frequency that won’t annoy your recipients.

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