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Digital Word-of-Mouth: Why Your Business Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

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If you’re not taking advantage of the marketing power of social media, you’re missing out. Learn why you need a social media presence for your business.

Social media has handed companies a perfect way to connect with their audience on a silver platter. Where once you had to come up with memorable ads with few ways to measure their effectiveness, you can now speak directly to the people who matter.

A social media presence has become a non-negotiable for companies that want to thrive. Small businesses benefit from the free marketing social media provides while large businesses get to show their previously hidden personalities too.

The value of social media is almost endless. From content marketing and customer service to building brand presence and fostering trust, these platforms lay it all out for you.

Keep reading to find out why a strong social media presence will take your business to the next level.

The Reach of Social Media

It’s no surprise that companies around the world have taken to social media as part of their marketing efforts. Over 25 million Canadians use social media, that’s a huge audience.

The reach of social media is more in-depth than just its user base. Thanks to tools like hashtags and follower suggestions, you can curate your feed and engagement to your exact target audience.

Social media is almost entirely border-free too. If you operate a business that has customers worldwide, you can reach them with no trouble. In contrast to regional or national ads, this freedom is a massive bonus for businesses using social platforms.

How a Social Media Presence Improves Your Brand’s Visibility

It’s not enough to create a fantastic product or service if few people have heard of your business. Increasing brand visibility is a great way to draw in more customers yet one of the biggest issues for many businesses.

With a strong social media presence, it’s far easier to make your brand more visible to the right audience than ever before.

SEO Social Media

Social media should be part of your overall SEO strategy. Getting your SEO right allows your business to appear in Google more often and more accurately when people search for related terms.

When you search for a specific business, you’ll often see their social media accounts on the first page of Google.

By having this social media presence, your business could take up more space on the first page of search engines. Optimizing your social media accounts and keeping them on brand helps build the presence of your business far and wide.

Target Your Ideal Audience

Reaching the people who need and want your products or services is a perennial problem for the majority of businesses. How can you find them? How can you engage with them?

Social media makes this task considerably easier. In your marketing strategy, you can define your target audience based on market research, current customers, and the problems your business solves.

By creating content marketing for social media that’s aimed directly at your audience, you’ll be providing value for them to engage with. You can use location services and hashtags to help your audience find you and analyze the results.

By tracking clickthroughs to your site from your social platforms, you’ll be able to see which platform is converting the best. By looking at social metrics, you can start prioritizing the platforms your audience spends the most time on.

Engage Directly

When a customer has a question or issue related to your business, the last thing they want is to struggle to contact you. Social media allows your customers to engage with you directly. Whether you help them through private messaging or in public will depend on the situation, but showing up on social media, ready to talk, sends a powerful message.

You can also track hashtags and trending topics related to your industry. By answering more general questions and taking part in discussions, your accounts will keep popping up on users’ feeds.

This effort can pay dividends as it helps show that you’re happy to engage with your community and care about your industry and audience.

Develop Trust and Loyalty

By consistently posting interesting and useful content on your social platforms, you’re sharing your expertise with your audience. For free! This not only helps drive more organic traffic to your website, but it shows care and respect to your readers.

The more your audience hear from you and see you on social media, the more familiar they’ll become with your brand. They’ll be able to see your areas of specialism and that you clearly know what you’re talking about.

This consistency breeds trust and loyalty, as long as the value you offer remains high.

Show Your Business’ Personality

Creating a business personality is a key part of your overall marketing strategy and helps to make your brand consistent. Are you casual and funny? Are you formal and technical? Are you funny and technical?

Businesses that don’t show personality in their social media accounts don’t get much engagement. Why would anyone want to engage with a robot?

By writing social media posts and captions in the voice your brand uses, your audience will feel more like they’re interacting with a living, breathing person. People buy from people and even if your business is large, it’s a single entity.

Businesses with strong social personalities often make a bigger impression on their audience and will see their posts shared more and their engagement higher.

Use Your Social Media Presence to Develop Your Business

Social media presents innumerable benefits to your business as well as your customers. From increasing your business’ visibility online to engaging directly with your target audience, social platforms put you in the same room as your customers.

Developing a strong social media presence is a challenging thing to do though. When you need to consistently show up and reflect your values in the online world, many businesses get overwhelmed and neglect their channels.

If you want to harness the power of social media for the benefit of your business, hiring a digital marketing agency a great way to do it. We’re experts in everything digital marketing, including social media. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you build a social presence that drives traffic and engagement.