Search Engine Optimization Toronto

Your Customers Are Looking For You On Google.  You Want Them To See Your Website & Online Store, Before They See Your Competitors.

We’re here to help you get the most qualified traffic to your website.  An SEO strategy is vital to your website appearing in Google search results when your customers are trying to find you.  With so many businesses competing for the attention of Google, your business needs a great search engine optimization strategy to win on the web.

Increase Your Page Rank & Organic Traffic To Your Website

We use the latest white-hat techniques in our search engine optimization projects.  Grow your business by getting your website in front of your target audience.  Our search engine marketing strategies focus on keyword research, competitive analysis, on-site optimization, content creation, link building and analytics reporting.  Let’s look at these in-depth.

Keyword Research

What is your customer typing into Google?  Understanding who your customer is and what problem they're looking to solve is how we figure out what keywords your website needs to be optimized for.  Effective and detailed keyword research is the basis for any effective online marketing strategy.

Competitive Keyword Analysis

What is your competition doing online?  SEO is a competitive space with many businesses vying for the attention of search engines and seeking that coveted number one spot on the search engine results page.  We'll determine what the competition is doing and use this intel as part of your strategy.  

On-Site Optimization

The coding of your website impacts your search position.  Text to code ratios, website load times and the tags used when you build your website are all items that search engine algorithms are analyzing when they rank your website.  Optimizing your website is where you have full control.  You can't afford to overlook this step.

Content Creation

Content is what search engines are cataloging when they crawl your website.  Search engines want to match searchers with the best possible results.  A content marketing strategy that targets the right keywords will help drive qualified traffic to your website.

Link Building

One of the oldest elements of SEO is link building.  When you have websites with a high Page Rank pointing to your website, it builds credibility.  We'll get content onto high-value third-party websites with links to your site to help build your site's page rank.  These sites are always looking for good content for their users.  

Analytics & Reporting

Keeping a pulse on how your website is doing will help you understand the return on investment from your search engine marketing strategy.  Reports can help identify which keywords are yielding the most conversions so that we know where to focus our efforts to get the best results.

Communication And Transparency 

Nothing we do is a big secret.  With Google regularly penalizing websites for taking shortcuts when it comes to SEO, we focus on methods that are approved and recommended by Google and search engine marketers.

A Dynamic And Evolving Environment

Google will change their algorithm a few times every month.  With every change comes the reverse-engineering by experts to learn the best way to rank.  We follow industry experts to keep up with the dynamic search environment.

Keeping You Informed

Throughout the SEO campaign, your project managers will keep you informed with monthly status updates and reports.  You'll see at a quick glance how your search engine position is progressing throughout the campaign.  Your project manager will be suggesting changes as the environment and competition changes.  Like a game of chess, your digital marketing strategy will need to respond to elements outside of your business.

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