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Google’s Site Diversity Update and How It Affects Your Business

Google implemented an update to their search results in June called the “Site Diversity Update”.  Let’s talk about how it affects your business.

Google announced their new Site Diversity change, impacting the Google Search platform.

In June, Google rolled out 2 major updates. Let’s talk about the one they called the Site Diversity Change and how it’s going to affect your business.

The objective for this update was to reduce the number of multiple listings in search results by the same website. The target is to limit websites to 2 positions on a Search page. It’s a change to how Google shows web page results in search results but not really a change to how sites are ranking (not their algorithm).

The Diversity Change will not affect ALL search results and some search results will continue to show more than one result from a website if Google thinks it’s relevant. How Google thinks things are relevant, only Google knows. An example could potentially be if you’re searching for a job and you end up seeing multiple job postings from a popular job board. They’ve got algorithms to figure that out.

You must have experienced this

Have you ever been on Google searching for something and found that a huge portion of the results were pointing to different pages on the same website? For me, I notice this a lot when I’m looking for something and I’ll see a whole bunch of Indeed job postings instead of what I’m actually looking for just because of how things are optimized.

This is one of those cases where this update will make an impact. If you find search results for keywords you are trying to rank for being dominated by one or a few websites, this update should definetly open up some slots that you can capitalize on for your business. It might be time to revisit your SEO (search engine optimization) and Content Marketing strategies.