Google & Facebook Remarketing Toronto

Show Great Ads To People Who Interact With Your Website & Recover Those Lost Opportunities

Did you know that the average person needs to see something at least 7 times before they remember it?  Remarketing ads can help get your products and services in front of your customers on multiple websites and digital properties - front and center with your customers.

Engage Your Customers With Relevant & Targeted Ads That Appear As They Travel Across The Internet

More often than not, your customers may not purchase or interact with your brand on their first visit.  Customers are taking advantage of the ease at which they can compare offers and visit your competitors, in their search for the best value for their hard-earned dollars.  Remarketing ads allow your business to stay top of mind with people who have visited your website or online properties.  With targeted ads, you can remind your customers about your brand and encourage them to come back to complete their purchase.

Research shows that a person needs to see a brand or logo at least 7 times in order to remember it.  With constant exposure to ads, logos, products and services, it’s that much more crucial to get your ads in front of your customers on multiple platforms to earn your spot in their memory.

Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Google dominates the world when it comes to advertising on third-party websites.  Expanding on it’s search engine marketing capabilities, the Google Display network consists of over one million websites that have agreed to display ads to their visitors.  These digital properties can include websites, apps (such as Flipboard), video pages (think YouTube which Google just happens to own) and content blogs.  

These digital properties come in all shapes and sizes.  Available in over 30 languages across 100 countries with a reach of about 80% of the worlds online traffic, the Google Display Network is the top remarketing tool for most businesses.  

We can help narrow down which properties are best suited for your ads by targeting specific properties by name, type of site and location.  In addition to targeting specific digital properties, the ads themselves can be customized completely.  You can show ads for specific products, based on what your customers added to their shopping carts without checking out!

From a reporting and analytics standpoint, we keep you informed of your campaign’s performance and monitor your campaigns daily to ensure they’re running consistently and as expected.  

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Facebook Remarketing Ad Campaigns

With over 1.2 billion users available to be marketed to, Facebook is a great opportunity to get your ads in front of prospective customers.  The Facebook remarketing pixel allows Facebook to learn who is visiting your website which we can then target for your ads.  

One advantage Facebook has over the Google Display Network is the information about users, their interests and behaviour.  This allows us to get more specific in terms of who sees your ads, or create ads for specific demographics.  This gives you the opportunity to run multiple ads, each targeted to specific types of users, increasing the chances of striking a connection with users.

Want to stay top of mind with your prospects and customers on Facebook?  Request a consultation with a digital marketing strategist today!

The Benefits Of Our Remarketing Ad Campaigns

  • We’ll work with your team to map out who your customer is and what their expectations are.  From this, we’ll create ads that are sure to appeal to this customer and maximize the chances of them interacting with your ads.
  • We’ll target your ads so that the right people are seeing your ads.  Whether it’s demographics, interests or web-surfing behaviour, we’ll find the right people and properties to display your ads.
  • We’ll get in front of people that visited your website but didn’t make a purchase or submit an inquiry.  People are busy and sometimes they need a reminder to come back and finish what they started!
  • We’ll work with your marketing budget to develop a strategy that will maximize your advertising return on investment.  Your business priorities and budget are an important component of your marketing strategy.  You want to make sure you have a budget in mind and clear objectives for your campaign.

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