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Stand Out Where Your Customers Spend Time

Generic ads don’t work well. We build multiple customer journeys coupled with offers that align with your customer segments, testing them regularly to ensure they’re optimized and effective.

Having trouble keeping your audience engaged on social media channels?

You need a sound social media strategy that aligns with what your customers are interested in. That strategy will be the foundation of your advertising campaigns. Through use of advanced targeting, coupled with engaging ad copy and imagery/video, we’ll deliver the right ads to the right customer segments, helping you engage with new and existing customers.

Win with Social Media

Advertising on social media can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods available to your business. With the ability to specifically target the type of person(s) you’re looking to interact with, you have the capability to really control where your advertising dollars are going, and control your marketing return on investment.

Target your ad spend on your ideal customer

We can target people of a specific demographic, location, age group and interest. Machine-learning presents even greater opportunities for you to take who is already interacting with you online and extrapolating who else is similar. We call them look-a-like audiences. Of course, we’re here to take care of the technical details and spare you the technical lingo. There are always those that are interested in learning the intricacies of how we do social, to those we say come by our studio and we’ll fire up the coffee maker and explain everything we’re doing.

Our process to setting up a winning social media campaign

The groud work

We’ll set up your accounts, connect them to your business pages and website to make sure everything is aligned across different social media channels and websites.

Laser-focus on the customer

Identify your target market and create custom audiences on social media channels so your ads are seen by the right people.

Connect the dots

Track user behaviour across your digital properties by installing tracking pixels across your sites and campaigns.

Develop your customer journey

Look beyond the ad itself. After your customer sees the ad and imagery or video, we’ll guide them to specific landing pages designed to entice users to take action.

Test and monitor

Keep things performing at their best with adjustments and split-testing new ads and landing page combinations.

Advertise directly to your customer segments with a Social Media Advertising Campaign

Social media offers the ability to target certain demographics on a social media platform. With the vast amount of data available to these networks, you can make sure your ads are being delivered to the people most likely to be a potential customer. It’s truly amazing to see ads that can speak to a specific demographic, being delivered to that demographic, and watching conversions succeed because of that incredible alignment.

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