Google Planning on Showing a Badge Beside Slow Websites

Google is expected to roll out a series of warnings for users when they’re about to load a slow website! Got a slow website? Google is thinking about telling your customers all about it! Sometime last week, Google put some news out saying they’re considering displaying a badge next to websites that load slowly when they’re displaying listings on search results to continue giving their customers which are people using the search … Read More

Avoid Costly Mistakes – Test Your Online Ads Often

Regularly testing your online ads can help catch mistakes before they end up wasting your marketing budget and damaging your reputation. When is the last time you clicked on one of your ads on Google? Or one of the ads you’re running on Facebook or Instagram, or anywhere else? One of the things that caught my eye this week was, I was about to meet with a prospect, and while … Read More

Landing Pages vs. Web Pages…What’s the difference?

A common question I field is what is a landing page, and why do I need one? What makes it different from other pages on my website? Let’s talk about landing pages! Typically, a website is structured with a homepage which provides an overview of the organization, and subpages or inner pages are focussed around specific topics such as products, services, information on the company, it’s team, a contact us page, that … Read More

Avoid False Alarms When Reviewing Website Metrics

Today, I want to talk to you about a few legacy benchmarks that you may have seen in your monthly reports from Google Analytics and why those metrics may not be that important for your business. Bounce Rates Let’s start with bounce rates.  Now, traditionally, you may have been brought to think that bounce rates should always be below a certain amount or that means your website is not working … Read More