Mastering Online Reviews Using Marketing Automation

One of the best ways to grow your business and grow your online sales is with awesome, positive customer reviews. You know a lot of people, most people out there, before they’re about to make a purchase, they’re going to try to learn a bit about your company. One of the first things that they do is to look for reviews on a third party website like Google or Facebook, … Read More

Marketing Automation and Your Business

New to Marketing Automation?  Here are a few benefits of integrating marketing automation into your business. Marketing Automation – what is it and how can you use it to grow your business? Marketing Automation is one of the newer tools out there in the marketing space. What it really does is it allows you to automate certain tasks that you may be doing manually when it comes to communicating with … Read More

Marketing Your Online Store During the Holidays

We’ve got Black Friday coming up, we’ve got the holiday season coming up and if you’ve got an e-commerce store, you’ve got to figure out a way to get your brand in front of your customers. This is the time of the year you can break sales records. So how are you going to do that? Here’s a couple of ideas. Personalized Email First thing you can do is personalize … Read More