Google Guaranteed Badge For Your Google My Business Listing

Google Guaranteed Badge For Your Google My Business Listing

Elevate your credibility and trust on Google My Business with Google’s “Guaranteed” badge. Let’s talk about Google’s new Guaranteed badge, what it means and how you can use it to help build and reinforce the credibility of your business. Google just launched what they’re calling the Google Guaranteed badge. When your Google My Business listing […]

Why Security in Online Forms is Key to Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Why security in online forms is key to delivering great customer experiences

Reassure your website visitors that their information is safe, to build on that awesome customer experience Hey, everyone. For those of you that watch my videos and read my blogs on a regular basis, you’ll remember that customer journeys and delivering an awesome customer experience online are things I love to talk about. I think […]

5 Things to Have in Place Before You Start Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Avoid wasting money (and potentially pissing off your customers) on a Facebook Ad campaign until you have these 5 items in place. Hey, how’s it going? I wanna chat a little bit about five important things you need to get in place if you’re trying to get a Facebook Ad campaign and want to actually […]

You Need To Elevate Your Content Game

You need to elevate your game and start creating great content. The web is getting more and more competitive when it comes to the amount of content and the amount of publishers that are out there creating content, and they’re all competing or fighting for the attention span of the market of users online. That […]

How The Smallest Increase In Page Speed Improves Online Sales

See the dramatic impact a 0.1 second improvement in website load times makes to conversions and sales Hi, I want to take a moment to talk about how your page speed or how fast your website responds, plays a crucial role in how well your website actually delivers results for your business. Back in 2018, […]

How to See Your Competition’s Ads Using Facebook’s Ad Library Tool

Want to see what your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram ads look like? It’s easier than you think! I want to share a quick tip that can help you kick and get some ideas flowing when it comes to a social media advertising campaign. One of the questions I field often when it comes to talking […]

Avoiding Losing Retail Customers To Competitors As Economies Re-Open

Retail Marketing

If you don’t do this, you’re risking losing that customer and them going to a competitor because that competitor is giving them the reassurance and the information that they need to go ahead and buy whatever they’re looking to purchase. Hey everyone, as things open up and more retail businesses are allowed to open and […]

Are you a Service Provider – Essential Tips As the Economy Reopens

With all this stuff that’s changing right now with businesses being allowed to open up or being allowed to open up in a certain partial manner. If you have a service type of business, you need to inform your customers on what’s going on and how your business is operating at the moment. With all […]

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: How to Use Both for Business Growth

Ad spending in Canada is expected to reach $13.11 billion dollars. But marketing isn’t just about putting out new ads. Sometimes, retargeting and remarketing is a smarter use of your marketing dollars. But what is retargeting vs remarketing? And how can you use both of them to help your business grow? We want to help your […]

Do Better With Email Marketing By Avoiding These Mistakes

Do Better With Email Marketing By Avoiding These Mistakes

I’m seeing all sorts of email marketing campaigns circulating.  Some good, some could use some help.  Here’s some tips based on what we’re seeing. Today, I want to talk about some of the email campaigns I’m seeing going from some businesses and offer some perspective and some suggestions on how you can do better with […]