How Your Customer Experiences Your Online Brand Journey

    All of the different things you're putting out online to market yourself, whether it's your website, social media, online ads, whatever... they're all part of your customer's journey and perception of your brand.

    Have you ever thought about all of the different things or events that your customer may go through before they actually end up doing business with you?

    Google Search BERT Update

    Google's recent update affects 1 in 10 search rankings. Find out how this affects your business and what you need to do to stay ahead on Google Search

     A couple of weeks ago, Google released their update code-named BERT and had the Internet in a bit of a frenzy. Let's talk about BERT and how this update could potentially affect where you end up on search results and ultimately, how your website performs.

    A Slow Website Can Lead to higher Ad Costs + Frustrated Users

    Website load times aren't always a priority.  They need to be when you consider potential lost sales from a poor user experience and higher advertising costs!

    Did you know that a slow website can actually cost you money? Whether it's lost income from ads, or lost potential revenue from the people you were hoping to sell when they get to your website?

    A lot of misconceptions out there about the consequences of having a slow website.

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