Digital Word-of-Mouth: Why Your Business Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

If you’re not taking advantage of the marketing power of social media, you’re missing out. Learn why you need a social media presence for your business. Social media has handed companies a perfect way to connect with their audience on a silver platter. Where once you had to come up with memorable ads with few ways to measure their effectiveness, you can now speak directly to the people who matter. A … Read More

9 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips That’ll Increase Your Conversions

When you post ads on social media, it’s essential that you target them to the right people. Learn nine Facebook ad targeting tips for higher conversions. Online advertising can be difficult with little return on investment if done incorrectly. There was a time when Google Ads was the lone king of online advertising, but Facebook ads are beginning to take a share of the ad traffic away from Google. What … Read More

Stretch Your Marketing Dollar by Re-Purposing Marketing Content

When I meet with clients and we start talking about marketing, a reaction I see quite often when they walk into the conversation is an expectation of “Oh crap, this is going to cost a fortune! What are we going to do ? And is it going to be effective?” One of the ways to be effective is to be efficient, right? So when you look at how you’re spending … Read More

Use These Tricks to Get More Clicks from Your Social Media Posts

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Social Media for Business – Looking Beyond the Likes

Today I want to talk to you about what metrics you need to pay attention to when you’re trying to figure out how well your social media campaign is doing.  Depending on your business objectives, the justification will vary, and so will the numbers and data you use to make a decision. I just met with one of our clients and he was talking about how they’re having trouble with … Read More