A Slow Website Will Hurt Your Google Search Position

The amount of time your website takes to load affects user experience. With the abundance of high speed internet connections available to most of your potential customers, you’re competing for their time. Not only does a poor user experience end up driving your users to a competitor website, it also affects where you website rank on Google search results. Google looks at how fast your website loads as part of … Read More

Google Chrome Now Showing “Website Not Secure” Warnings to Users

This week, Google announced that Chrome, which is their browser, will now start showing a “not secure” warning whenever their users go to a website that isn’t protected by an SSL certificate. What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a process that secures and encrypts the communication between your website and users.  You may have seen the little lock icon or “https://” in the address bar … Read More

Google’s New URL Inspector Tool

Last week, we talked a bit about how you can use Google to assess how they are ranking or cataloguing pages on your website, by going to their site.  Check out that video if you didn’t get a chance to see it. New to Google Search Console This week, I want to talk about the new Inspector tool that Google is launching in it’s Search Console application platform.  What it’s … Read More

Using Live Chat as a Communication Method on Your Website

Today, I want to talk to you about how you can use different communication methods on your website to communicate with people visiting your website. Everyone tends to have a preference on how they want to communicate with you, and it’s generally not all the same.  It could be by picking up the phone and talking to you, by filling out a form on your website, sending an email, or … Read More

Drive Customers To Your Website Using Vertical Search Engines

Let’s look at opportunities outside of Google and major search engines to see how you can connect with your customers and prospects using specialty search or vertical search engines. Today, I want to talk about Vertical Search Engines, and how you can use these search engines to help increase the visibility of your business or brand online.  Now when you think of traditional search engines, you think of Google or … Read More

5 Essential Elements for a Successful Landing Page

Today, I want to talk to you about 5 things you can do with your landing pages to make them more successful and convert those visitors into leads or sales for your business. The Heading or Title The first thing you want to look at is your heading.  What is the heading on your page? Is it something that is going to capture the attention of the person that you’re … Read More

Google My Business Description Field is Back!

Hi, I’m Sandeep with your Digital Marketing Moment. Last week, Google brought back the description field in their Google My Business profile pages. This is the place you go to setup your profile when you want your business to be found on tools like Google Maps.  The description field is where you can tell people in 750 characters or less what your business does and what you’re all about.  It’s … Read More

Sandbox Media Unveils Brand New Modern Website & HQ Office Relocation

Sandbox Media Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new trendsetting website, and new office location in Liberty Village in Toronto, Ontario, as it celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary. Having been in the pipeline for the past six months, the arrival of the new Sandbox Media website completely overhauls Sandbox Media’s online image, with a fresh new look coupled with a more intuitive, and smoother user experience. This … Read More

Benefit From Google’s Mobile Search Index With These Tips!

Last week, I talked about Google’s change to mobile search index, but I want to talk a bit more about what you can do to help your website do well with this new change. One of the myths floating out there we’re hearing is “Hey, my website’s responsive, so that’s all I need to do to take advantage of Google’s change in their index structure.  ” That’s simply not the … Read More

The Difference Between A Website Designer and A Marketing Professional

An effective website is 90% marketing and 10% website design.  A lot of people come into our office and ask: “Why does a website cost, 5, 10, 15K when they’ve had previous websites that were done for $2,000 or less. The question I always have for them is “How well is that website performing for your business?”  The difference between a marketer and a website designer building your website is … Read More

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