Common Reasons Why People Don't Check Out When They Shop Online

    You'd be surprised how the simplest little things can deter people from completing an online purchase. Watch to see what the most common reasons are and how you can respond.

    Are you trying to figure out why people aren't checking out on your online store? Let's talk about that.

    f you have an e-commerce store, you may have noticed that there's a big discrepancy between the number of people that add items to their cart, versus the number of people that actually checkout.

    How to use Reviews Effectively On Your Website

    Online users trust reviews posted on sites like Google and Facebook.  If you're still posting reviews on your website as "testimonials", you need to watch this video.

    Have you ever questioned some of the reviews you might read that are posted on a business's website?
    Let's talk about that!

    A lot of businesses have websites and they post customer reviews on their websites, usually under a page called testimonials or about us. 

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