Why Your Business Needs a Digital Media Strategy for Growth in 2020

There are over 4 billion websites. You’ve put in so much time, effort, and money in to make yours stand out. But now the question is, how do you make the website work for you? You need a digital media strategy. Keep reading to learn all about digital media strategy and how you can get started with your own today. What Is Digital Media? You interact with digital media every day. A … Read More

Get Found: The Business Benefits of Professional SEO Services

If you’re thinking about trying to craft an SEO strategy on your own, you may want to reconsider. Learn why hiring professional SEO services is better. In the U.S., 91% of internet users will at least search for something online. Therefore, the search traffic is where your potential clients are likely to discover you. To harness these new and potential customers, you must optimize your site by all means possible. This is … Read More

Google Planning on Showing a Badge Beside Slow Websites

Google is expected to roll out a series of warnings for users when they’re about to load a slow website! Got a slow website? Google is thinking about telling your customers all about it! Sometime last week, Google put some news out saying they’re considering displaying a badge next to websites that load slowly when they’re displaying listings on search results to continue giving their customers which are people using the search … Read More

Google Search BERT Update

Google’s recent update affects 1 in 10 search rankings. Find out how this affects your business and what you need to do to stay ahead on Google Search A couple of weeks ago, Google released their update code-named BERT and had the Internet in a bit of a frenzy. Let’s talk about BERT and how this update could potentially affect where you end up on search results and ultimately, how … Read More

Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize Web Content Marketing

Avoid these common mistakes when you’re researching which keywords you want to optimize your website and content marketing. If you’re trying to figure out or are planning to figure out what kind of keywords you want to optimize your website for, this post is for you. Quite often, when I sit down with clients or marketers, I find that keywords and keyword research are an area where they’re not always using the … Read More

Are You Managing Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business Listing is arguably as important as your website. Why? Most people will search for you on Google before they hit your website, and see a snippet of your profile When’s the last time you logged into Google My Business to check on your profile? Typically, when I encounter clients that have set up their Google Business Profile, if they have, what I’ll find is they don’t … Read More

Big Changes Coming to Google My Business

This November, Google will stop sending you text messages when customers try to message you from Google. Here’s what you need to know so you’re able to keep communicating with your customers and prospects. Google My Business. Are you using it to interact with your customers and prospects? If so, this post is for you! Coming up in November of this year, Google is going to change how it relays … Read More

How to use Reviews Effectively On Your Website

Online users trust reviews posted on sites like Google and Facebook.  If you’re still posting reviews on your website as “testimonials”, you need to watch this video. Have you ever questioned some of the reviews you might read that are posted on a business’s website? Let’s talk about that! A lot of businesses have websites and they post customer reviews on their websites, usually under a page called testimonials or about … Read More

Take Advantage of Low Volume Keywords in your SEO Strategy

Are you targeting low volume keywords? Let’s look at why this opportunity is missed by so many businesses! I want to talk about low volume keywords and why they shouldn’t be overlooked by you when you’re trying to figure out what keywords you’re optimizing your website for. What is a low volume keyword? Low volume keywords are keywords that are not searched for as much as other keywords. To start, let’s … Read More

Google’s Site Diversity Update and How It Affects Your Business

Google implemented an update to their search results in June called the “Site Diversity Update”.  Let’s talk about how it affects your business. Google announced their new Site Diversity change, impacting the Google Search platform. In June, Google rolled out 2 major updates. Let’s talk about the one they called the Site Diversity Change and how it’s going to affect your business. The objective for this update was to reduce … Read More

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