Considering Paid Search Ads? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is advertising using Paid Search, the right decision for your business? Paid Search advertising can help a business build brand awareness, and reach.  Reach a new audience you otherwise haven’t been able to via Search. It can also be costly, so here’s a couple of things to consider before you dive in doing some online advertising like Google Ads. 93% of experiences online begin with a search. 81% of people … Read More

Email Marketing is Still Awesome!

Are you using email marketing to its potential? If not, you’re most likely missing out on some huge opportunities! Let’s talk about why email could still be one of the best ways for you to reach your customers. Email marketing still has the greatest potential reach out there. Depending on the size of your email list, it could be a huge asset that you can leverage to market your business. … Read More

Take Advantage of Low Volume Keywords in your SEO Strategy

Are you targeting low volume keywords? Let’s look at why this opportunity is missed by so many businesses! I want to talk about low volume keywords and why they shouldn’t be overlooked by you when you’re trying to figure out what keywords you’re optimizing your website for. What is a low volume keyword? Low volume keywords are keywords that are not searched for as much as other keywords. To start, let’s … Read More

Google’s Site Diversity Update and How It Affects Your Business

Google implemented an update to their search results in June called the “Site Diversity Update”.  Let’s talk about how it affects your business. Google announced their new Site Diversity change, impacting the Google Search platform. In June, Google rolled out 2 major updates. Let’s talk about the one they called the Site Diversity Change and how it’s going to affect your business. The objective for this update was to reduce … Read More

Why Your Website Needs Google Search Console

Often overlooked, Google Search Console provides valuable insights on factors that affect your position on Google Search. Watch and see how it can help you get the most out of your website. Google Search Console. One of the most overlooked items when people launch a new website is setting up Search Console. I want to talk about why Search Console is so important to the success of your website. Google … Read More

Use These Tricks to Get More Clicks from Your Social Media Posts

Struggling to get your followers to click on that social media post showing off your latest blog post? Here’s a few tricks to make your posts more engaging and yes, get more clicks! Getting people to read the content you’re sharing on Social Media. If you’re struggling with getting your followers to click on that Facebook post that’s sharing the latest post on your blog, let’s talk about how we … Read More

Search Console Maximize Usability and Search

Stay ahead of issues hurting your search engine position with Google Search Console. Mobile usability and your position on Google Search. Google regularly checks website usability on mobile devices as part of it’s algorithm when it’s trying to figure out where websites are going to rank on search results. Google’s Search Console is the primary way Google will communicate with a website owner. It’s also where Google will share issues … Read More

Marketing to Website Visitors After their Visit

If you’re not running a remarketing campaign for your business, you could be missing out. Remarketing (or retargeting) digital advertising campaigns allow you to engage with people who visited your website, after the fact. You can target people based on any number of criteria, including people who came but didn’t make a purchase or didn’t take action. That action could be filling out a form, making a phone call to … Read More

Responsive Search Ads on the Google Ads Platform

Is your business taking advantage of Google’s use of AI with their Responsive Ads? Here’s what Responsive Ads are all about and how they can help your business. Responsive search ads on the Google Ads platform. Let’s see what they are and how they can help you grow your business. Responsive Search Ads were born in 2018 which was about a year ago. They gave marketers the ability to use … Read More

Using Google Analytics Audiences to Improve Conversion Rates

Learning how different types of website visitors interact with your website using Google Analytics Audiences provides great insights on behaviour and opportunities to improve your conversion rates. Audiences and Google Analytics. Are you using this powerful feature in Google Analytics? This feature allows you to do is create audiences within the Google Analytics platform based on specific criteria around behavior or other patterns you set up. For example, let’s say you want … Read More

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