User permissions and how you can secure your website to make sure nothing goes wrong, such as anything unexpected from happening. That could be from an employee going in somewhere where they shouldn’t be or a malicious user exploiting a vulnerability to try to wreak havoc on your business. So for the first angle, which is employee permissions, what you need to do is figure out the different types of … Read More

Unique Value Propositions

Today I want to talk about Unique Value Propositions and share a couple of pointers to help you all formulate that Unique Value Proposition. One of the questions that gets people stumbling most often when we’re having our initial meetings is just that – when I ask them, you know, what’s your unique value proposition? And they’ll usually just chime off a list of their products and services that they … Read More

Content Marketing Ideas That Are Sure to Lead to Conversions

High-quality content is necessary, but you also must know how to use it. Check out these content marketing ideas that are sure to lead to conversions. Did you know that there are more than 1 million small and medium businesses in Canada? Because of this, you’re up against a lot of competition if you own a company. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to stand out … Read More

How to Choose the Best Color Combos for Your Website

Picking the wrong colours for your website can make your visitors click off the page in no time. Learn how to choose the best colour combos for your brand! As your business prepares to develop its website, you’re taking the design process seriously. You recognize that everything from the colour scheme to the logo design will affect your branding strategy in the long run. The good news is that you’ve … Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Media Strategy for Growth in 2020

There are over 4 billion websites. You’ve put in so much time, effort, and money in to make yours stand out. But now the question is, how do you make the website work for you? You need a digital media strategy. Keep reading to learn all about digital media strategy and how you can get started with your own today. What Is Digital Media? You interact with digital media every day. A … Read More

Get Found: The Business Benefits of Professional SEO Services

If you’re thinking about trying to craft an SEO strategy on your own, you may want to reconsider. Learn why hiring professional SEO services is better. In the U.S., 91% of internet users will at least search for something online. Therefore, the search traffic is where your potential clients are likely to discover you. To harness these new and potential customers, you must optimize your site by all means possible. This is … Read More

Mastering Online Reviews Using Marketing Automation

One of the best ways to grow your business and grow your online sales is with awesome, positive customer reviews. You know a lot of people, most people out there, before they’re about to make a purchase, they’re going to try to learn a bit about your company. One of the first things that they do is to look for reviews on a third party website like Google or Facebook, … Read More

9 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips That’ll Increase Your Conversions

When you post ads on social media, it’s essential that you target them to the right people. Learn nine Facebook ad targeting tips for higher conversions. Online advertising can be difficult with little return on investment if done incorrectly. There was a time when Google Ads was the lone king of online advertising, but Facebook ads are beginning to take a share of the ad traffic away from Google. What … Read More

Stretch Your Marketing Dollar by Re-Purposing Marketing Content

When I meet with clients and we start talking about marketing, a reaction I see quite often when they walk into the conversation is an expectation of “Oh crap, this is going to cost a fortune! What are we going to do ? And is it going to be effective?” One of the ways to be effective is to be efficient, right? So when you look at how you’re spending … Read More

Google Planning on Showing a Badge Beside Slow Websites

Google is expected to roll out a series of warnings for users when they’re about to load a slow website! Got a slow website? Google is thinking about telling your customers all about it! Sometime last week, Google put some news out saying they’re considering displaying a badge next to websites that load slowly when they’re displaying listings on search results to continue giving their customers which are people using the search … Read More

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